Blog Post Writing – Top 5 Amazing Tips to Succeed

1. Make your opinion known. As a blogger, you’re encouraged to voice out your opinions on the subjects that you’re discussing. Your followers would surely want to know your stand. As these people are most likely to believe everything you say and since you have the power to influence their critical decisions, make sure that your opinions make sense and that they’re based on facts.

2. Build as many inbound and outgoing links as possible. Google will surely love your posts if you insert links to relevant pages where your readers can find more useful information. Just make sure that you do not overdo this. One link per paragraph should be enough. Also, get other bloggers to link to your blog posts. This is one way to pull up your page ranking.

3. Less is more. Avoid making your blog posts unnecessary lengthy. Communicate your ideas using less but very effective words. Then, eliminate those data that are not that essential or those that your readers already know. 250 words should be enough for one blog post. Amazing Posting

4. Use effective, snappy headlines. Grab your readers by the throat by using very powerful headlines. Tell these people what’s in it for them. If possible, communicate the elements that set your blog posts apart from the rest. If you’re offering new information that are not available on other blogs, be sure to communicate that. This will surely boost your open rate in no time.


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