Creating Countertop Displays For Your Specialty Shop

If you’ve ever been to an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, you can probably remember the thrill of gazing upon the sea of chocolate chips, multicolored sprinkles, full spectrum cbd oil Canada nuts, raisins, and gummy candies neatly lined up along the shop’s countertop just waiting for you to dive in. Having the freedom to select your own toppings is as exciting for children as it is for adults, and the convenience of not having to point to each and every kind of sprinkle or nut you want is unbeatable.

Specialty shops like ice cream parlors, yogurt shops, and bagel shops create these kinds of displays on countertops to add convenience to their customers’ experience, as well as attractively display everything they have to offer. Whether your shop specializes in baked goods and pastries, desserts like ice cream, or healthy treats like yogurt, chances are you can only increase your customers’ convenience when you create a countertop display.

Displays Allow for Customer Convenience

When you display your store’s merchandise along a countertop, you’re adding convenience to your customers’ shopping experience. Not only are your customers able to take their time selecting what they want, but they’re also able to choose from an organized display of items.

Consider these ideas as you’re planning your countertop display:


  • You can use food grade plastic containers to create displays of the assortment of bagels, donuts, brownies, or other baked goods and pastries your store sells. Look for containers with lids to keep your food safe from debris, and make sure to include plastic tongs with each container so your customers can easily grab the food item they want.
  • You can use round or square plastic containers along your countertop to store and display the toppings you offer for any ice cream or yogurt you might sell. These containers are available in a variety of sizes and you can situate them along your countertop or you can display them using wire display racks sized to fit your countertop. Using displays racks is also a great idea for making the most of the countertop space you have to work with. You might want to purchase these containers with lids as well, and depending on the kinds of toppings you’re offering you might also be interested in plastic containers with hand grips.
  • You can include items like utensils, napkins, and drinking cups, lids, and straws in your countertop display, too (or, depending on the layout of your store, you can create an entirely separate display for these items).


And remember: Creating countertop displays not only allows for customer convenience, but it also frees up your time to see to other customers.

Sell Additional Merchandise with Extra Displays

If your shop sells more than just food items or the kinds of toppings you’d include with ice cream and yogurt, you can create a countertop display to showcase your additional merchandise.

Additional merchandise might include:


  • Prepackaged food items like candy, cookies, or chips.
  • Non-edible items like children’s toys, souvenirs, and handmade crafts from local artisans.


You can easily use plastic containers for these kinds of displays, and depending on the amount of countertop space you have to work with you might also want to situate these containers atop wire display racks.


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