Deversification is Key! Several Ways to Generate monies and Earn Multiple Channels of Income

Diversity applies to a number of fields. Retailers want to carry a wide variety of products, service sellers need to create a large bank of customers, investors should have a variety of investments in numerous fields, and the list continues. Online business owners are blessed to have multiple monetization methods at their removal. And what’s really great is that numerous ones can be added with very little time or effort and yet they will add to the overall revenue and stability of the business.

Online business owners that utilize a business website open themselves up to multiple channels of income. And once the website gets All-in-one Monetization Platform for Creators steady traffic, be it from the search engines or other marketing techniquse, all the monetization models come into play. It really doesn’t take a lot of work to add in a new stream of income, and once the initial setup is over, that stream will work on auto-pilot.

You obviously want to maximize profits by making money on as much of your traffic as possible. If you have only one offering or one plan for monetization, you will probably earn money from only a small percentage of you visitors. What a waste! How much better wouldn’t it be to generate monies, at least in some fashion, more and more of your visitors? Obviously this would add to the overall profits, and if one “basket” happens to break, you’ve still got a great many others that will hold offspring.

Affiliate marketing

It is very an easy task to add a variety of related products on different pages of your site, depending what visitors to that page would be most interested in purchasing. Affiliate marketing is free to do, and their are plenty of companies that offer affiliate marketing. It doesn’t take any added effort to add the products to your site. You don’t have to process orders, take payments, or handle customer service issues. If you already have a content rich website that attracts a certain target audience, you do not even need to pre-sell. Just make sure that your affiliate offerings are congruent to your visitors interests.

Advertisement Hosting

This is something that I find myself most (if not all) online business owners can cash in on. Many online business owners, network marketers, and affiliates do not have a web site. This means that rather than getting free traffic all thanks to the search engines, they are stuck paying for visitors and potential customers. This is very good news for those of us that have a website that is getting decent search engine traffic. You can easily make money just for hosting other businesses advertisements on your site. Google AdSense makes this incredibly easy. Just add a simple stringed of HTML to you pages and your done. Google places relevant ads on your pages, gathers revenue, and slipping you your cut. Some website owners think that this may eliminate from their primary offerings. This is not necessarily true. If you have 1000, 000 visitors a month coming to your site, how many are purchasing anything? Why not a few hundred? Why not a few thousand?? Think about all the others? You need to understand the internet habits of the average surfer. Most people just love cruising around, checking things out, and never really have the intent to buy. Why let these people have a free ride through your pages? Set up some Google ads and let them click away. The people that are going to buy will still buy, but now you can earn on all of the casual surfers as well.

Having a Few Network marketing Programs

Network marketing is definitely one of the hottest online business models around, and it can be very profitable for those that are funneling traffic to a content rich site generated for pre-selling leads. But many individuals only utilize one program, and try and push their visitors to sign-up for that one program. This may not be the best way to go about it. People love options, they like variety. It is in our nature as humans to want to feel in control of any large decisions we make. When you have only one main program to offer, many people feel like they are being sold rather than making a decision. I’ve found it advantageous to recommend a few different high quality network marketing opportunities on my site. This way I am giving people options, choices, and allowing them to feel like they are making the decision all on their own. Why do i care what program they decide to work with, they all are going to be in one of my downlines anyway. Plus you can create separate pages for each of these opportunities, keyword them accordingly, and achieve even more traffic from the motors. Remember, it’s all about diversity.

Capturing Leads for Other Businesses

Many marketers pay heavily for targeted leads. If you have any content pages that are not making money well, you may want to consider making money them by earning affiliate and person fees. It is rather easy to send traffic to another companies site for a profit. Depending on the nature of your online business and your niche, you will get testimonials, leads, and customers for traditional businesses in your local. Traffic to pages that are already making money well should not be messed with. If you however have any pages that are receiving good traffic and not making money well, this might be a alternative that can add to your bottom line.

Selling Your own Hard Goods or E-Goods

Selling your own good can be another way to diversify your online income. E-goods are obviously the most convenient. You can easily publish an e-book and charge a moderate price for it. If you are have expertise in your field, you can also sell yourself to less experienced business owners. If your online business is off and running, and requiring less of your energy, you may want to help others achieve higher numbers of success. This is not a free service you provide, but instead another way to turn your online business activities into multiple earnings channels. Selling hard good is also a route that can add income to your bottom line. If your business concept allows for it, you can consider utilizing any hard goods you may be able to sell, either your own or a partner businesses. Since you already have your own website, you will not be relying on ebay to produce your potential customers. You already have targeted prospects visiting your site, and you can then redirect them to your ebay store, or sell materials directly from of your sites pages.


Very few people appear to employ this method, but I have seen some enjoy great success with it. If you are offering valuable information to your visitors, and not just trying to pressure them into buying, than you will no doubt create a relationship with visitors. If you are receiving a lot of return customers (which can easily make sure by comparing your total visitors to your unique visitors) than you are obviously highly favored as a valuable resource to numerous people. Many people are more than willing to support a webmaster that is continuously providing them with great information. It is very simple to set up an paypal account and have it associated with a donations button on your site. People that enjoy coming to your site and discover it valuable can be happy to give away a few bucks to keep your business going. It obviously won’t be most of your method of making money, but any income stream is a good income stream.

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