Eight Tips for Autumn Skin Care

One promising solution to this predicament though is to make alterations in your skin care regimen. It’s a good thing that Maxine Siegel, licensed aesthetician and skin care expert for AHAVA, has for us eight tips to repair skin from seasonal damages and how you can protect it from autumn’s harsh elements.

1. Stay active.

If you think only your mind and body can benefit from a good workout, think again. Doing so is good for the skin too. It’s going to take every bit of your self control to get up and do some exercise because of the bed weather but the rewards are worth it.

2. Don’t forget to bundle up.

Keep in mind that the chilly and dry weather can cause harm to your skin so to shield it from what harsh elements autumn brings, cover up by wearing gloves and ear muffs as well as donning a hat and scarf.

3. Alter your skin care regimen as you would do to your wardrobe.

You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a sleeveless top, Men’s grooming    shorts and flip flops during the fall right? That’s because that outfit is fit for summer. Well, the same thing applies to your skin care regimen. Siegel says it’s good to go for more nourishing products for both your face and body, taking special care on the former as it’s the body part with constant exposure to harsh environmental elements.

4. Start fresh by sloughing off old skin.

As it’s the time for a new season, it would be nice to start fresh. So, slough off what’s left of your summer skin to make way for new, smoother skin underneath. It would be really beneficial if you could save up and treat yourself to a facial and whole body exfoliation treatment to achieve this objective. Note though that this tip is good to make a habit when the season changes. It’s generally good to exfoliate every week.

5. Hydrate your skin.

If you want skin that’s dewy and glowing, it would be beneficial to do a hydration treatment every week. Try applying a generous amount of hydrating lotion or mask onto clean skin before you retreat for the night. Leave on skin for it to be completely absorbed while you sleep and wake to skin that’s glowing with radiance.

6. Soak in hydrotherapy.

While hydrotherapy is ideal for any of the four seasons, it’s especially beneficial during autumn and winter as both carry cold conditions that inevitably leave your skin dry. Try soaking in a tub filled with bath water that’s warm and bath crystals to give your skin some pampering. You’re sure to feel so relaxed after a long and stressful day.


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