Fleet Telematics and Navigation

If your company runs a fleet of vehicles then you should think about having tracking systems fitted for some very good reasons.

Vehicles could be found if stolen!

If you had a vehicle stolen from your yard or anywhere the it would be possible to trace the location of that vehicle and pass on the information to the police. Also it is possible to fit an ‘input’ into the tracking device that would alert you at your ‘watch’ station that a vehicle was being moved without authorization this could also be set up to send you a text message so you don’t have to wake up in the morning and find a vehicle missing.

You would have a eta of vehicle without contacting driver!

If you get a phone call from a customer asking how long until the vehicle arrives you would normally let the customer listen to some music on hold and get hold of another phone and contact the driver for hs location and then take the customer off hold and give him the information. With a tracking system fitted you could stay on the phone with the customer, saving him the fleet management purchasing music, and with the click of a mouse find the vehicle location and inform the customer on the eta.

Lower mobile phone bills!

Due to the above situation you would save on phone bills when trying to locate a vehicle/driver.

Your drivers could be wasting time and getting to customers late!

Being able to trace the vehicle movement historically will reduce overtime costs and journey time by checking the route taken by the driver and debriefing them on journey route and break time duration. With overtime you would be able to confirm end job times and see if drivers are finishing early.

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