How to Target Your Resume for the Job You are Applying for

Today’s veteran professional possess a variety of skills and abilities that benefit the work environment. Corporate employees are expected to maintain with trends in their field of expertise. If you are fortunate your employer will pay for your education and training. As a result of increased duties and cross-training many people looking for work realize they can fill jobs outside the title and industry they’ve been working with for years.

Not long ago i trained an individual that was having difficulty returning to the employees after being laid off 8 months ago from her job where she worked Automated skills testing as a Region Store Manager for a retail employer. Karen was forty nine yoa and had worked for over 19 years within the retail industry in some form of management capacity. She posted her resume on Monster and searched for jobs on Indeed but she only had one phone interview in the past 8 months. Her resume looked OK but when i asked her to provide additional information in her job duty section it was revealed that she had performed many job duties that a corporate human resource generalist, recruiter and trainer does. She conducted job interviews, provided training, negotiated and extended offers. She prepared and distributed payroll. She enjoyed these They would. Ur. related duties so we prepared a 2nd resume that highlighted all of her They would. Ur. related duties. A good option to highlight your distinctive skills related to the job that you are applying for is in your summary which will always be listed right beneath your name and contact information. Your summary of qualifications is a very critical part of your resume, without it your likelihood of being recognized are reduced significantly. It was in the summary that Karen listed how many years she had with preparing payroll, finding and training. She mentioned what kind of payroll software she worked with, what type of finding techniques she used and the size of her audience that she trained. In the summary particulars sell. Karen reposted her revised resume on Monster, created a LinkedIn account and applied to human resource related jobs via Indeed. com, within 7 days she had three job interviews for human resource jobs! Within fourteen days of posting her new resume she accepted an offer with a major retailer to work in their recruiting department. The offer paid more than she ever earned as a Region Manager and another bonus her exhausting road travel requirements were eliminated. In Karen’s case she enhanced her recruiting duties but applied to They would. Ur. jobs within the retail field where she had many years experience.

One of the keys to tailoring your resume for a specific job is know which skills you have that are of value to the position/client. One of my human resource friends, Cindy, has a general version of her resume and a resume that she uses when she applies for jobs that need a recruiter that has experience finding Information technology professionals. As a corporate recruiter consultant she’s interviewed and on-boarded professionals for Sales and Marketing, Healthcare, Wireless and Information technology positions of employment. When she applies for an information technology recruiter position Cindy lowers her background that involves prospecting Sales, Marketing, Healthcare and Wireless professionals and stretches on her I. T. recruiter experience. For her latest I. T. Recruiter resume she wrote a list of what are the most common questions she is asked in an interview setting when signing up to an I. T. Recruiter position. Upon reviewing her list she could answer many of the interview questions in listing those skills first and foremost in her resume summary section. Cindy put in bold the areas she wanted the recruiter or hiring manager to be attracted to when reviewing her resume. If there is something that is essential for the reader to see she’s going to print it in bold red lettering. She also looked carefully at the phrase listed within the job descriptions that appeal to her and incorporated as many phrase as possible in her resume summary and job description. To name phrase look for the particulars in the job description.

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