Jobs After a Psychology Degree

Students who have done a degree in psychology are proficient in many transferable skills that help them in jobs that are not directly related to psychology. It is seen that the coursework for a psychology degree trains one to study diverse domains such as statistics, writing essays, writing dissertations, understanding an issue weighing empirical evidence, writing reports, and presenting the findings in seminars. All these skills can be employed on many jobs, which is what makes psychology students such an attractive option for employers. Here we talk about the most popular types of jobs pursued by psychology students after their bachelors.

Childcare Related and Counseling

Also called school psychology, these jobs involve working with kids in schools towards guiding them to better behavior and careers. With schoolyard bullying still a major problem in schools across the country, the counselors have their work cut out for them. To become a counselor, you may need to take a relevant degree. In the United Kingdom, you can take a part-time degree in Qualification in Counseling Psychology (QCP). It must be noted that a counselor is not a clinical psychologist. Rather, he can be considered more as an adviser in specific settings, such as in schools.

A degree required to become an educational paper writing service reddit psychologist is that of Doctorate in Educational Psychology. In the United States, most school and educational counselors are Master’s in psychology, though there are some Ed.S. courses too available in the same.

Personnel, Training and Recruitment

Also known as Human Resources, many psychology majors go on to work in the HR department of companies, and bring their people skills to full use there. There is a lot of competition in this domain, so one may have to join in a relatively junior position to gain some experience before they can get a more senior position. HR jobs involve manpower planning, recruitment and selection, training and development of employee skills, performance evaluation and other employee services.


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