Over the course of the last decade, the internet has exploded beyond all expectations. Each and everyday there is a new website that is being developed. The biggest challenge a new website will face is getting viewers to stay on their site long enough and to attain high search results with search engines.

One of the factors that could seriously help address these issues is having a website with good web design. Benefit of knowing proper web dark web sites design can very well determine where your site is listed looking results and how long a visitor stays on your site.

Proper web design is not a painful task, it’s just a matter of designing your website from a viewers point of view. This article will give you suggestions on proper web design to enhance your search results with search engines and capturing a higher interest from your visitors.

What Your site Is about

First off, it is vital that your website explains in more detail the intention of your website. Did you ever go to a website that was filled with a lot of links, graphics or banners, but you really didn’t have a hint as to of what their website was all about? If a person has to search from page to page just to know very well what information your website really offers, the likelihood are they will move onto another site. Don’t keep them second-guessing, it’s important that you are very specific on your website, letting your viewers know up-front your websites main purpose.

Font Size/Style

When building your website keep in mind not all people have the same eyesight. It is best to use nothing less than10 point, with12 point being the most recommended. Keep all pages in your website in step with the same font size and style (this of course is in exemption to titles and sub-titles).

Text Colors

Make reading your pages easy by always using a dark text with a light background. Using a light colored text against a light background makes it difficult for your readers to see the content. There are a few sites that reverse this process by using a light text on dark background, which is found acceptable in some cases, but you are better off using dark on light for your overall content.

Sentences and Spacing

To make reading your web pages straightforward for your viewers, do not use long sentences on your web pages. Try to keep your sentences to only 6 to 7 lines with proper spacing between each one. Try to implement sub-titles to break up several sentences, as this creates easier reading and is more attention getting.


Does your website provide more useful content than advertisements? Providing viewers with very little content is a common mistake many website owners make when they develop their website. I can’t set out to tell you how many websites I’ve seen that may only have a couple sentences of what I call useful content, and the rest being advertisements, sales pitches, links, banners, etc.

If you are going to take the time to develop and invest in a website, you need to focus on providing your viewers with informative information. Search engines favor sites that have useful content, not to mention you will capture a stronger interest from your viewers.

Page Size

Try to keep all your pages no more than four pages long. The reasons for this is that no one loves to spend a lot of the time scrolling just to see the entire content. If you have a lot of content, break it into separate pages. You can put in a link of “continue”, “next”, or “go to page #” towards the bottom of each page.

Navigation Links

Nothing can be more frustrating than racking your brains on how to steer around ones website. Most any person (including myself) will leave a website as fast as they came in if they battle to get from page to page. Make it straightforward for your viewers to navigate around your website by putting navigation links on all of your pages. It is advised that all navigation links follow the same pattern on each page so as not to confuse your person. Setting your navigation links on the either side and also on top or bottom is highly recommended.

Page Load Time

Did you ever click on a link to a website and found you possessed to await 20 seconds or longer for the website to open? I don’t know about you, but if I have to wait too long for a website to open, I will click off from it and go to another website. This problem is caused by Webmaster having too many graphics or animated graphics on their website. Large graphics and animated graphics will definitely slow the stress time to your website. Keep in mind the majority of Internet surfers are still using dial-up for their Internet connection, so the time it takes for a website to open with a lot of graphics, can seem like everlasting to them.

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