Reclaimed Bricks Everywhere

Bricks can be seen everywhere, from buildings to paved streets or even on lining of furnaces. It is therefore very important that the brick used suits the task that it is needed for. For example bricks that are being used to line fireplaces should be able to withstand high temperature but also have low thermal conductance and this is why the Fire-brick or Refractory Brick is used.

Units used in colder climates tend to be bigger and thicker, more so in the past, because they are more insulating, even though they tend to be less economical to make. However, nowadays, this is no longer an issue as houses have very efficient insulation mechanisms which ensure that bricks as small and thin as desired can be used. Therefore units tend to be chosen with a large list of requirements in mind, but not warmth any more. These include the texture of the bricks surface; colouring, absorption; Reclaimed Brick suppliers the amount of pores; weight and density, how the brick reacts to heat, fire and moisture. The different job that the brick is required for dictates the specifications of the brick used; thus there are many different types of bricks available.

Different areas of the country will produce different types of bricks as different types of clays are available in different areas. For example in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and some other southerly places the Yellow Gaunt Bricks predominate which are a hard in texture and smooth faced and completely yellow. This can be kept in mind when deciding because the bricks that are native to the area will fit in with other historic structures and perhaps help with matching. Also different units from different areas have different properties and colours and thus will be suited for different purposes.

Matching bars can be very difficult, especially as bricks from different eras have different colours, different staining and maybe even different shapes and sizes. This is where Reclaimed Bricks are the best choice. Most companies will offer a service where if a photo or sample of the units to be matched is needed can be produced. The company will endeavour to provide matching bricks. These bricks have many advantages over other ways of purchasing bricks other than the matching ability. The main one is environmental. As these bricks are older, no resources from the earth are being used and the older bricks can be re used instead of being destroyed. These units are also able to lend character to new buildings or structures making them unique and different from any others.

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