The Devil Prowls Like A Roaring Lion, Resist, Your Brothers Are Undergoing The Same Suffering

Flesh, nourishment,
slabs, losa, chunks of meat
food for a roaring lion, tender victuals,
a hungry beast for the demon may โหลดpussy888 roam
behind a warrior’s lovely mane
But it is with a razors edge, a deep incision,
the final episode, wonderful tissue,
a marvelous catch as there is no way to avoid the clutches,
like corroded rust on a thorny nail cutting through the surface, the devil’s prowl into wide-open territory away from the flourishing jungle, into the darkness, joyless coal-black moonless fragments, a dismal sedentary night
Thunderous growls a searing of the soul, movement to another time, pink decisions after the rain has left a rising yellow sun, an embodied lonely earth, meandering, wandering, winding, circuitous serpentine, slithering, glittering sliding slag, it is a metamorphosis that rarely meets the eye, cryptic stygian mist, in the shadow tracing silhouettes, baritone, shifting with hardly any branches just cool blue filters, smoking, opaque efforts to replace the covering placed upon the crumbling bricks, mercenary wall, raging flames, tenement stalls, local residents, stir fried beef, large excavations undergoing a similar sort of suffering with laborious attempts to scale back a blazing diamond, a savage, a villain, a barbarian, an ogre, a creature, a rogue but there may not be an answer as the tenebrous road is seldom an option but what can be done about it as it will last for an eternity, bright flames, fervor, inferno, passion, fire, tempo, cadence, meter, swing, inebriated voices, drunken language, utterances, expression, words bearing action, a grand celebration of demented hearts, love, affection in the netherworld, old red-nosed legless blotto, absolute orgies of contempt, saturnalia, bacchanalia, cold carousal, harsh judgement for the condemned, restless bodies, festering virulent wounds on sad broken brothers living a life that could only be described as a living hell but how can one begin to satiate the hunger when it presses against injuries, vital organs, soft substance, material structure much of it tending to fall into view for this is the path for those who reside in agony and fear, spectral exasperating pussy’s and cats sharpened tooth, molars, incisors, fangs, venomous tigers ready to mangle and maim as there is no limit to what the kingdom can do, raw uncooked light green wasabi small dainty portions to nibble and bite as this may be a festive jubilee for all who have descended into hellfire, hades, fire and brimstone, agony, nightmare, extended, infinite, misery

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