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2004 Acura NSX – Sport Car Magic

The 2004 Acura NSX was a beast of a vehicle when it was first released. The price tag on this car hovered around $90, 000 and there were plenty of buyers anxious to put one of these vehicles their garage. The NSX by Acura was originally brought to the American and Canadian markets in 1989 and the concept car took everyone by surprise. The design was aerodynamic and ultra modern and there were new materials being used that were making these cars a hot topic among sports car enthusiasts. The 2-door style of the vehicle made it clear that it was built as an engine muscle car and not a family sedan. The lightweight top was removable if you accessed the two levers located on the interior of the roof. Although the first year was definitely a peak year for sales, the car continued to do well throughout its annual reincarnations. When the 2004 Acura NSX debuted, it was being pitted against well-known muscle cars like the Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Corvette, Porsche, and Dodge Viper. This was a powerful speedster that came in a 3L, V6 engine with a 4 speed automatic transmission about jeep grand cherokee car cover.

The transmission of the vehicle did have a stick shift feature that you could choose to use to add some flair and excitement to your sports car driving fun. There was also a 3.2L V6 engine with a 6 speed manual shift. The addition of 6 gears was the most coveted model by most who were adding this vehicle to their personal line-up. The V6 engine contained a 10.2 compression ratio, 78 mm stroke and a 90mm bore. There was also a double overhead cam on all of these vehicles with variable valve timing/camshaft and 4 valves per cylinder. The 3.0 L 181 cc engine was somewhat outclassed by the 3.2L 194 cc engine. The 3L model could provide 252 Horsepower at 6600 rpm but the 3.2L version delivered 290 Horsepower at 7100 rpm. The difference is torque was also notable with the 3L giving 210 lb/ft at 5300 rpm and the 3.2L providing 224 lb/ft at 5500 rpm.

Traction control, anti-lock4 wheel disc brakes, and dual front airbags were standard equipment on the vehicles that gave drivers a little extra safety and stability when on the wide-open roads. The mileage for this 2004 Acura NSX sportster was 17/24, which was not too shabby considering that it was built to be pushed at high speeds. Knowing that this car would be a hot ticket item there were plenty of available color options for both interior and exterior. A customer could take what model happened to be at the dealer that day or choose Grand Prix White, Berlina Black, Silverstone Metallic, Indy Yellow, Long Beach Blue Pearl, Imola Orange Pearl, or New Formula Red as their exterior color preference. The Yellow, Red, and Blue were the most commonly seen colors for this car. Interior color options included orange, yellow, camel, onyx, silver, blue, white, and red. This all aluminum uni-body car construction provided a lightweight build that could deliver on both unleashed power and responsive, exquisite handling. The engines of all of the 2004 NSX sports cars were created to provide the least amount of friction at all times. These engines were known to be phenomenal workhorses no matter the punishment they were subjected to. The driver remained the focus of this design and this was perhaps the biggest draw for people looking to make the purchase of this super star vehicle. The deep seats kept the driver riveted to the center of gravity and made driving this sports car a truly memorable experience.

The sound system in this sports car is everything you could have requested if you had been the design engineer in charge. The CD changer was then a new feature in 2004 and was mounted in the trunk. There was 165 watts of power provided through a subwoofer at the passenger’s foot, a midrange tweeter that was positioned to the rear of the seats, and speakers mounted low on each door. If music was what you wanted to hear as you drove this vehicle to work then the dynamic sound system delivered the goods. The Acura 2004 NSX has a rear wheel drive that is stable and dependable. The unique heavy-duty design of the clutch reduced up to 50% of the shifting loads on the vehicles by using the integrated dual and triple coned synchronizers. There was also a Torque Reactive Differential which gave additional control and stability to a driver by decreasing the inside wheel spin whenever the sports car would corner a turn. The interior of the car was luxury and speed all wrapped up in one glorious package. A full leather upholstery job was only the tip of the design iceberg. There was a Bose AM/FM cassette player; fully powered 4-way bucket seat; keyless entry; 6 CD changer, telescoping sports steering wheel; windshield wipers with variable control; and power windows-doors-mirrors and locks. Add to these a tachometer, floor mats, climate controlled air conditioning, power steering, and cruise control. Even this long list still does not cover all of the features presented on the 2004 Acura NSX vehicles.

2008 Acura RL

However the RL has a really reasonable price considering that most of the features come as a standard option. Acura designed the RL to be a comfortable and distinguished automobile. Recommended by many who have had the chance to review this car, the RL is great for those who want an all wheel drive, luxurious vehicle with all the latest equipment. The all wheel drive is considered to be one of the car’s more outstanding features as it enhances the handling and traction. The Acura RL has many standard features, such as a 5.1 audio system that is of the same high quality that you find in luxury sedans that have a much higher price. The navigation system is another standard feature that features traffic updates. Reviews by consumers have been posted on Edmunds.com in which almost every aspect of the RL have been positive. Owners of the 2008 RL are quite pleased with the many features that are standard, not expensive options that add thousands to the price of the car. The only less than favorable comments have been on the rather small trunk, the car’s interior roominess is about average, and the V6 engine is not quite as peppy as it would be with a V8. The standard engine for the Acura RL is a 3.5L automatic with overdrive. Averaging about 16 miles per gallon in the city and 24 on the highway, the RL is as fuel efficient as it’s going to get for this car.

The RL has clean sweeping lines that make it a good looking car, although not an eye-catcher. Many would probably overlook this car as a luxury sedan as it does not have any of the current cut-ins and over decorative looks of a luxury car. However it is a well made car that will keep it’s good looks for many years. The interior seats are covered with animal hide. The leather wears well and fit’s the driver with the right amount of comfort. The driver’s seat is designed to fit the driver to a tee. The gauges are back lit with blue glowing light in the center and the numbers are easy to read. The foot-wells are also lit at night with the blue light. Wood trim makes it’s appearance on the center dash and onto the front arm rests. It is also used on the rear doors. Using the combination of an adjustable steering wheel and several seat positions, there should be no problem finding a position that keeps you comfortable. The steering wheel has controls for the stereo system, the Bluetooth telephone, and the cruise control. A really neat feature is the radar system that is hidden behind the logo in the grill. A part of the automatic cruise control, it perceives vehicles that are ahead of you and automatically keeps a safe following distance. Should someone pull in front of you, the RL will brake to avoid getting too close. When the car ahead speeds up, the RL automatically speeds up to return to the speed you have set. Should it happen that the car is too close to allow the RL to slow down, a warning system on the dash flashes and beeps to warn you to take over.

Another really cool feature is the navigation system with a joystick type control. All controls are not in this knob, however there are also buttons on the center and steering wheel. The navigation system can show you a generous amount of information on the screen, including construction, accidents, and traffic tie ups. Not only does it show you where they are located but how far you are from them. The back seat of the Acura RL has enough space for two adults to sit in comfort and three can sit without being on each other’s laps. A shade on the back window that is retractable affords the back seat passengers to block the sun, along with shades on the rear windows that are similar. All in all this is a luxury sedan disguised as a midsized car. It may not be as popular as some of the other loaded with luxury item cars, but it will surprise you with the amount of standard features that cost extra in other cars.

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